Does Huawei P20 Lite have gorilla glass protection in it?

The Big leap forward right here really is there’s now a common underwater housing which accepts virtually all manufacturers of various styles and sizes of cellphones. With this tech, we want not have to buy a digital camera model specific underwater housing all the time within the near future (wink wink to underwater housing producers).

The Huawei P30 Lite aims to be nice when it comes to photo high quality and we aren’t disappointed. We’ve observed consistent performance in the course of the day with an impressive dynamic vary, good colours, and excellent sharpness even when the default photographs much less contrasty than perfect.

I discover the thought of this thrilling as we’d like not shell out hundreds of dollars each time we plan to make a camera improve. The display screen scratches only with a level 6 Mohs pick, and at level 7 there is a deeper groove. Huawei fits the P20 Pro with a plastic screen protector from the factory, however doesn’t promote that there’s Gorilla Glass of any type on prime of the show panel. The Night Mode is on the market solely on the common camera and its footage are great with sufficient element, even exposure, tolerable noise ranges, and accurate colours, although it also applies some excessive sharpening.

It brings back element in those clipped highlights we talked about before. If you possibly can hold the P30 Lite still sufficient for those 6-second photographs, you can use this mode extra usually.

huawei p20 lite vs pro

Does the Huawei p20 Lite have Gorilla Glass?

Huawei P30 Lite 8MP wide-angle samples Moving on to low-light photo quality. The 12MP shots have good color saturation and exposure, even though highlights will get clipped. On closer inspection, the level of detail isn’t as good and there is some noticeable noise left even after some noise reduction was applied.

It creates pseudo long exposures by stacking a number of frames gathering light alongside the best way. We’re talking six-second-lengthy hand-held exposures which might otherwise result in a blurry mess. Those aren’t all the time keepers and you still have to have a fairly steady hand, however you may be getting usable photos in situations you’d otherwise get none. The mode also does a outstanding job of retaining color where others would lose saturation. If you’re after a tool with a succesful set of cameras, a rich feature set, good battery life, fast-charging, face unlock and an prolonged display, the P20 Lite makes for a good fit.

Is Huawei p20 Lite camera good?

No, there is no Gorilla Glass in Huawei P20 Lite.

We can say for certain that the Quad Bayer know-how works as marketed so you higher persist with the 12MP mode – the level of element is fairly flagship-grade. There is also Huawei’s Night mode – it’s going to produce usable footage, even if it has its limitations.